Yellow Flowers at 4000 Feet



They appeared suddenly, a fleece

of yellow, a mustard beard

on white rock,


fluid and arbitrary,

existing as if ordered by Persephone

to girdle the mountain


in crisp abandon,

all light captured and then freed

to eyes accustomed to only green.


So much is seen

at just this level, like a skirt

will settle


about the knees of a kneeling girl.

Receding rubble shaking blooms loose,

irretrievable.  And the caught


in a cat’s paw of sun needling through

the nimbus, descending

like blonde blood between hillock fissures.


Flowers at 4000 feet trapped


sea level blue and dizzy spring


their trefoil petals dusted and doused

in the rock god’s shadow,

his warm falsetto


piercing the moss and gravel,

all dolor transfixed

by exceptional yellow.