5. Code of Integrity and Password out-of Carry out:

5. Code of Integrity and Password out-of Carry out:

cuatro.step 1 Wage otherwise salary grows.

[Personnel wages is actually examined yearly. The brand new employee’s feedback day is generally to the or around the brand new anniversary date of a career or the go out of past payment feedback, regardless of if evaluations are conducted more often, depending on the affairs.]

cuatro.2 Timekeeping.

(We have found to have team having fun with a period of time clock.) Non-exempt workers are responsible for recording its time did correctly. Time did was date actually invested creating tasked duties. [Employees are accountable for tape time allocated to personal efforts.]

[Team Identity] cannot pay for date spent on personal team otherwise expanded breaks. The time clock are a legal instrument. Altering, falsifying, tampering over time information, otherwise recording date towards another employee’s date number will result in disciplinary action, plus termination of a position.

Go out information is actually reviewed each week. Day listing transform need to be accepted [from the a management/manager] . [The right people] are designed for questions about timekeeping. More