Creepy & Maud

Creepy & Maud

Fremantle Press 2012


‘I am in love with the girl next door.  Our windows are almost opposite each other’s, over the side fence.

I call her Maud.  That’s not her real name but that’s what I call her.  She’s sort of shortish and curvy.  Titian hair.  No freckles.  A dark, smudgy birthmark on the back of her left calf.  A nose piercing her dad knows about and a bellybutton piercing I assume he doesn’t.  All right, so I have spent a bit of time looking in there.

Am I sounding creepy?  Love is sort of creepy.  When you fall in love, you presuppose all sorts of things about the person.  You superimpose all kinds of ideals and fantasies on them.  You create all manner of unrealistic, untenable, unsatisfiable  criteria for that person, automatically guaranteeing their failure and your heartbreak.  And what do we call it? Romance.  Now, that’s creepy.’

  • Shortlisted Children’s Book Council of Australia Book of the Year Awards 2013, Older Readers Category
  • One of New Zealand Listener’s 50 Best Children’s Books of 2013′
  • One of Australian Book Reviews ‘Books of the Year, 2013’

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Creepy & Maud was published in Germany by Konigskinder Verlag in November 2014.

Between Two Windows Creepy & Maud

Between Two Windows (Konigskinder Verlag 2014)