A Small Madness

ASM Cover

‘Di Touchell writes with a skewer, finding tenderness and beauty in moments of madness and horror.  Rose and Michael are young, in love, and they have done something unforgivable – yet we understand, and we forgive. An intimate, beautiful, important novel that challenged my beliefs and broke my heart.’

– Vikki Wakefield, Award Winning Author of All I Ever Wanted and Friday Brown.    


‘The novel deals with themes of teen sex, pregnancy, teen-parent relationships, isolation, friendship and mental illness. What makes it different from other young adult novels is its message that, in Touchell’s words, “being damaged is very, very different to being evil”. It’s one of those concepts we all struggle with when we hear about things like infanticide – our instinct is to judge, to stand firmly on the victim’s side. Sometimes that’s right. But sometimes, the perpetrator may also be a victim in another way, and that’s where misunderstanding becomes a monster. I applaud Touchell for her perspective, insight and compassionate approach to something full of grey areas.’

– Monique Mulligan Write Note Reveiws

‘Touchell has mastered the art of switching viewpoints and uses this to document Rose’s break from reality with heart breaking detail.  Each of the characters is thoroughly fleshed out, flawed and believable.  Painfully evocative, horrific and totally addictive, A Small Madness packs an emotional suckerpunch…’

– Meg Whelan, Bookseller & Publisher

A Small Madness was released in Germany by Konigskinder Verlag in October 2015 and will be released in North America by Groundwood Books in May 2016.  It is also due for release in the UK by Murdoch Books.